H & R Block???

gay income tax IRS


TAXMAN CUMETH: Eric Nero audits Tex Davidsons huge cock!

Tex Davidson whips out his huge cock for a live webcam show, then pumps it up. He’s interrupted by a knock at the door—agent Eric Nero needs to conduct an inspection for a home office deduction. Tex is happy to show off how he works, sliding his meat out and putting it back in his cock pump. “You wanna try it?” asks Tex. “I don’t need to,” offers Eric, his monster cock soon staring Tex in the face. “Damn, Mr. Taxman! You got a big ol’ dick!” Tex sucks it deep, Eric’s big balls drooping over his pants. Tex looks up, his beard rubbed by Eric—who then fucks his face.
Eric worships Tex’s beast, the two soon kissing as their scruff touches. Tex gets eaten and fingered before ramming Eric from behind. Eric’s hard cock and balls bounce as he gets fucked. He sits down on the top, riding him as his own big dick flops back and forth. He arches back for a kiss, then gets fucked on his back—reaching up to touch Tex’s beard again before his toned bod gets coated. And all the while the two don’t realize the live cam is still turned on and they’ve been broadcasting it all on the internet! THIS IS SOOOOO HOT!!!
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BEST Streaming VOD Site

naked-sword-1 naked-swrd-vodNAKED SWORD is now #1 IN VOD!

get all the best streaming in one spot!

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Nasty Pig Sex on SALE



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More Foreskin than you Can Shake a Dick At






Love those little walnuts!

The name “English Lads” may invoke visions of lanky, pale private school boys. But we’ve got news for you: English Lads is one of the biggest, hottest sites online today, for young hot guys and miles of foreskin!

Take the tour and witness the 250

hotties on display! Thats about 1500 inches

of foreskin! (or 3800 cm!)


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JAKE BASS at Video Boys


Videoboys.com – The Duel: Jake Bass Challenges Luda Wayne

Luda Wayne won the 2011 cumshot contest and Jake Bass was not impressed. Jake was not too shy to tell Luda to his face that he could not only beat him, but surpass Luda’s best cumshot by at least 3 times the distance!


If Jake’s claim was just bravado to intimidate Luda, Luda wasn’t falling for it. In fact, since the cumshot contest back in July, Luda has been doing some training to ensure he can hold on to his cum-crown. And his confidence in victory is at an all-time high.


Regardless of the outcome, the chemistry between these two combatants is unmistakable. They are perfectly comfortable naked together, stroking their cocks side by side. And if Luda would let his straight boy guard down for a few minutes, who knows what might happen. Place your bets and hit “play”.


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AMAZING NEW PILL for Male Sexual Enhancement




Why pay $15-$20 per pill – when you can have these all natural pills for $3-$5?!

I was skeptical when I heard about them from a friend. I was out of Viagra last month and a friend told me that the little store down the street from me, sold these amazing pills called ANACONDA. I know the store manager and asked him about them. He carries 2 natural ED pills and he said this one was #1 and he has many repeat customers.

So I tried one. YES! THEY WORK! Not only was I rock hard and performed like a rockstar, it worked the next day as well!



Anaconda is a healthy, natural, safe and effective male enhancement supplement that helps your erection work on demand for up to 72 hours or more! Anaconda is an all-natural, herbal male enhancement pill that increases your body’s sexual stamina, libido and virility for the biggest, hardest erections. There are many prescriptions for erectile dysfunction and impotence relief, but Anaconda provides the effectiveness without the added costs or any medical prescription!

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As they age, many men experience a decrease in the quality of their erections. For some, it may start as early as age 30. A lessening of blood flow to the penis prevents the vigorous erections one had in his twenties. The result is difficulty in getting and maintaining strong erections.

The good news is there is now a natural, non-prescription product that will give you stronger, firmer, longer-lasting erections.

Erection  ed pills

Just take one Anaconda about fifteen minutes before a sexual encounter. Ideally, take it on an empty stomach for faster absorption, but you may also take it with food. Some men, depending on age, weight, and other factors, may need to take two Anacondas to experience optimal effects.

Do not take more than two (2) in any twenty-four-hour period. Unlike other formulas, the effects of Anaconda may last for many hours or even several days.


SAVE 10%! Use  promo code UNCUT!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Gag Me Spank Me TOP Me

Masters Billy and Guy have truly wicked minds.

Keeping their sub tied and harnessed they subject him to brutal pony training and spanking,  ordering him to crawl on all fours while they take turns riding his back. The dominant men strip down and taunt him, flaunting their large cocks and big hairy asses in his face.

They intimidate him towering over the lowly sub with their hard masculine bodies. The men enjoy a passionate smooch sitting astride the lowly beast whipping him and yanking on his harness. @ BRUTAL TOPS

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Cody Cummings LOVES Spitting on a nice pink butt Hole!

Hi, this is Cody Cummings and I want to take this time to tell you a bit about me. First, I have to say that I’m not much into talking about myself, but since I’m sure you’d like to know a bit about me, I’ll make an exception for this. It is so exciting for m e to have such a job. I always have the time of my life at work. I mean, what could you dislike about sex, laughs and good times? It’s also a lot of work as well.

On my off time, I dance a day or two a week. When I have free time to be at home I enjoy the family, lift weights, eat and sleep. But even during my relaxation time, it’s then that I have to work on my body the most. I love to train, and I train good.

One of my pet peeves is that I won’t let anyone cut my hair. I do it, and that’s it. I am also so particular about customer service.

Some of my favorite things I enjoy are nice butts, spitting on a pink butthole (I know, kinky!), dime-pieces (hot women), shoes, PS2, Reese’s Butter Cups, rough sex, tanning, and football.

I also love food and if I had a chef I would have chicken and eggs for every meal.


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Hypno sexed! Next Door Buddies

Here’s a curious tale of one Mr. Randall O’Reilly. It seems our Mr. O’Reilly is a cunning connoisseur of the Art of Sensual Trance…better known as HYPNO-SEX!

Johnny Torque, a disbeliever, has agreed to let Randall attempt to bring him to a state in which Johnny will be unable to resist whatever suggestion Randall makes. Johnny understands Randall’s intention is to provoke Johnny to first let Randall suck his luscious cock, then to fuck Randall hard. Johnny doesn’t think there’s any way this mumbo-jumbo, hypnosis stuff works.

The two have made a bet and are talking with their friend on the phone about it. Once Johnny nods off, deeply under Randall’s hypno-spell, Randall snaps a picture with his phone for proof. He then proceeds, just as he said, to wrap his mouth around Johnny’s juicy, bulging dick and suck with enjoyment. Then Randall fulfills his promise to the max as he takes Johnny’s fat, erect cock for an intense pounding. You’ll be mesmerized by the passion as these two explore the furthest reaches of the sexual subconscious!

Next Door World of Sites and Men


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Hot House and Beautiful Fuck Cocks

Alex Andrews gets a look at the guy doing landscaping on his Palm Springs property and lures him in with the promise of coffee. As soon as Trenton Ducati walks in it obvious that Alex has a lot more to give him. Alex gets on his knees, pulls out Trenton’s thick cock and gives him a juicy blow job. Trenton fucks the young stud’s face then throws him up on the counter to get a taste of his ass. Trenton drives Alex wild by alternately licking his ass and sucking his cock until Alex can’t take it any more; he wants Trenton to fuck his hole. Trenton loads his huge cock into Alex’s ass and fucks him like a pile driver. Trenton pulls out and shoots all over Alex’s back then tosses him back on the counter to suck a load out of him. Thanks for the coffee!    WATCH!

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Choke on My Cock Bitch


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Big Cocks at Titan Men

TitanMen Exclusive Hunter Marx with Stany Falcone – Reckless – Scene 1

Taking a break, blue collar worker Hunter Marx relieves himself as handsome Stany Falcone sneaks a peek. The bearded Stany moves in for a kiss, dropping down to work up Hunter’s big cock — deep sucking him as spit strands droop from his mouth. Hunter snaps his beast onto Stany’s face: “Like that?” he asks with a wicked smile, Stany grabbing Hunter’s hairy pec as he continues to suck. Hunter returns the favor, rubbing Stany’s defined stomach as he slurps.

The two kiss, their pulsing cocks touching. Hunter tongue fucks his bud before slowly poking his dick inside: “Fuck, you’re tight! You want me to go deeper?” Hunter’s cock bobs up when it’s released from Stany’s hole, the top reaching down for a kiss. Hunter mounts the table and sits on Stany’s meat, riding as his own monster stays rock hard. “Play with my cock,” he demands as Stany strokes it, the two kissing again. Hunter gets on his back, jacking as he yells at Stany to “Punch! it!” The top fucks him hard and fast, the sound of flesh on flesh getting louder. Hunter unleashes a white-hot wad as he’s fucked, the tight-abbed top following suit as the two kiss.


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PLOW MY ASS – Next Door neighbors

That Top has an AMAZING ripped body!

Kevin Crows has been holding it in all day and now he’s way past due to bust a nut. All prepped and ready to go, he’s got his Iporn and his hand down his pants. There’s only one problem: he has no inspiration. His imagination just isn’t doing it for him, so he looks around for something a little more tempting. Cue Dominic Pacifico, hard at work out in the garden, working up a sweat out in the afternoon heat. Kevin stares at Domingo secretly through the window, until Dominic catches him spying. After that it becomes pretty obvious that neither one of them can take his eyes off the other, so Kevin invites Dominic in to take a load off. Or put a load on, depending on how you look at it.

Dominic takes Kevin up on his offer and in no time he’s going down on Kevin’s rock hard dick, slobbering all over it and getting it nice and ready for stabbin’. Domingo then rides Kevin on the couch as Kevin reaches full intensity, exploding all over Domingo in a sticky mess that makes the Domingo forget all about his work outside in the field.

NEXT DOOR WORLD of Men – 1 price = 12 sites!

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Broke Ass Straight Boys DO IT

Why is STRAIGHT such a fantasy for some guys!

Really? Connor dipped his dick down into Ty’s ass hole and started fucking him. Tugging on his cock in earnest, Ty groaned as this new position allowed him to every single inch of Connor’s cock pounding his ass.

Bobbing up and down, Connor panted heavily as he rode Ty’s ass hard. Suddenly, Connor bent all the way forward and started to snog Ty, obviously turned on by Ty;s own pleasure.

Panting heavily, Ty shot his load all over his stomach, the cum dribbling down his shaft, even as Connor kept fucking him. Connor cheekily licked a trail up Ty’s chest before kissing him, the boys trading tongues. Going back for more, Connor licked a little bit of Ty’s cum this time and again locked lips with Ty even as he quickly fisted his own dick. Leaning back, Connor went for broke as he jerked himself off only to spray Ty’s stomach with cum a moment later.





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Fingers in My Butt

On a recent trip to Arizona, a special treat joined me in my hotel room. Blonde haired, blue eyed Jasper is here and I get to know a little more about his sexual life. I learn that he is really into oral sex, even when he is watching porn. He tells me about how his girlfriend liked to play with his ass and even finger him. In no time at all, this stud already has a rock hard erection and pulls it out from underneath his jeans. Jasper starts stroking his shaft and his balls bounce up and down with each rhythmic stroke.

Finally, he rips off his t-shirt to reveal a beautiful chest piece tattoo and perfect sized pink nipples. Next, he spreads his legs open a bit and jams his middle finger right up his tight delicate man hole! Jasper gets down on all fours and continues to press his finger into his ass, pounding it against his wet prostate. He lays back now into a more comfortable position and continues stroking his yummy thick man iron. I just love how his big balls are so damn bouncy, it drives me nuts! I decide to ask if he wants a little help and he doesn’t seem to mind. I grasp his cock with one hand and jerk it up and down for him while in my other hand I lightly caress his taint. As my finger edges toward his puckered hole, his legs instinctively move apart; allowing access to the treasure below.

Taking it a little further, I gently enter his anal cavity with my finger. He seems to like it, so I have no problem helping out this sexy guy. He pounds at his boner intensely and I sense him getting closer to completion. His asshole clenches around my finger, almost as if he intends for it to stay there forever! Jasper then drops his cock, hinting that I should pick it back up. I take his rod into my hand and stroke hard and fast. Not long after, his breathing increases and his ball-sack constricts. Suddenly he explodes several thick pearly white loads up his chest and down his stomach.


Naked FRAT House

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How Big is BIG?


Could that fit in a Speedo????


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New Meat at English Lads

Muscular Young Hunk Jon Saunders –

Showing us How he Maintains his Solid Muscle!
Jon Saunders one of our popular  models spends the opening minutes giving a few top workout tips, I guess perfectly timed to help us work off any recent over indulgences! As Jon tells us he mostly likes to work out in his underwear it gives us a good look at his muscular, tight and slightly hairy body in action. After he has got his blood pumping he is ready for a workout of a different kind, he pulls out his cock and wanks it until it gets very hard. He allows us some extreme close ups of his arse, hairy hole and cock before we get to see him shoot and play with his cum on the glass table! Fuck the workout tips!   Get to the cum shot!



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Get your Piggy on with RAUNCH at Lucas Entertainment

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Nothing Better Than GAY REVENGE

Big Cocks, Bare Backing, Dick Swallowing –


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Red Head Fire Crotch and Pink Hole

Red Headed Rusty Shows his Sexy Pink BUTT HOLE!

Whether you like young red heads or not, spunky Rusty will seduce you!

This is his first time EVER naked in front of a camera and he LOVES it.  See how comfortable he is showing us his rock hard dick and jerking off for the camera!

Listening to him talk about how much he LOVES being naked and watched by us is such a turn on!  “I have always wanted to be a porn star!” he says with a big twink smile on his freckled face!

Fresh out of High School Rusty played football and was a wrestler in the ‘light’ division!  He is now in college studying to become a Physical Education teacher.  Everyone would enjoy taking a hot sexy physical ed class with Rusty!  Imagine Coach Rusty someday, training your son as his coach!  I first met this cute tourist boy on the beach, during his summer Hawaiian Holiday!

I was immediately attracted to his lean body, tight belly – showing all his young abs and that light Mid-Western country boy skin – beautifully dotted with freckles on not only his face but arms and shoulders and ASS as well.  He has a yummy ass with a healthy tuft of ginger butt hair filling his sexy ass crack!    Wow, what a sight! – red butt hair!  Like Scotty and his younger brother Wilson, Rusty has a full bush of dick hair!  A real authentic “fire crotch”!   He gets his dick rock hard immediately and it STAYS hard during most of this long photo shoot… even when he is working naked!

His red dick hair is natural, his ball hair untrimmed and his big ball sack bounces up and down while he jerks his hard stick.  Rusty jerks off using BOTH HANDS wrapped around his stiff dick!  This horny frat boy really enjoys jerking off!  He even looks right into the camera with a sexy smile when he finally shoots thick gooey cum all over his hands and tight lean twink abs.  You are going to LOVE this boy!  ISLAND  STUDS

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Marc Dylan and Spencer Reed can Fuck Me Anytime


Holy shit – this dude is hot!



see also

Feed that HOLE



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Big Military Cocks Wild Gay Sex and Porn At ActiveDuty.com

Hung Soldiers Wild Gay Sex Big Army Navy Marines Military Cocks Porn ActiveDuty.com bestfreegaypornsite.com-1

Notes From Dink Flamingo about ACTIVEDUTYS scorching HOT GUNG HO 3 ~

Something hot is bound to happen when you throw veterans like our wild boy Chaz and that sexy deer-hunting, camo-wearing country boy Brian into the mix with a newbie like Shawn that means business. And hot did happen in this Scene 1 from Gung Ho 3 as these three troopers get down to some serious man-to-man sex and deliver a smokin’ scene to leave us all drooling. The energy and obvious attraction between these three win out and they’re forced to follow their hard-ons and venture deep into the foxholes together for some down and dirty fucking, cum-eating and hot kissing, cum-swapping that’s going to blow your fucking minds. Scene 2 brings with it a real mind-blower as well with long-time buddies Abel and Joey teaming up with Dorian for a threeway suck fuckfest that is sure to deliver the wow factor and create sensory overload as Abel decides to go two steps further and not only suck and get sucked by his buddy Joey, but take one for the home team as he allows Dorian to pop his cherry hole!

SCENE 1 Shawn, Chaz and Brian Get Right Down To Business …
I have to confess to you, troops, I got so fucking excited while filming this scene for Gung Ho 3 that I decided to leave the tape it in the camera for later (ahem) viewing that night for technical reasons (wink) and forgot to remove the tape after I’d completed my laborious review. I ended up taping over the initial chit-chat in the beginning, but I’m sure you’ll be more than fine with where things pick up.

Orally Getting To Know Each Other …
Shawn obviously loves sucking cock as much as anyone and once he latches on to Chaz’ cock you’d think lightening would have to strike before he lets it go. He worships Chaz hammerhead, giving it lots of tongue action and good old fashioned oral love. Meanwhile Brian is laying his lips, tongue and throat all over Shawn’s huge meat, licking and sucking his balls and really giving it a thorough short arm inspection. There won’t be a spot on Shawn’s gun that isn’t clean by the time this former Marine gets done with his cleaning. Brian has one of the hottest fucking tongues I’ve ever seen at work and he uses it to his full advantage.

Brian and Chaz move up and let Shawn share their cocks as they share in some really hot kissing. Shawn doesn’t miss a beat and gives their cocks equal attention, leaving neither of them wanting. Chaz switches back and takes the reigns on Shawn’s cock again while Brian straddles Shawn’s face and fucks it really good. Shawn lays his head back on the headboard and takes the deep throat fucking like a good comrade.

Rimming For Readiness …
Brian decides to move the headboard to the other end of the bed and they position Shawn so that Chaz can lick and eat his sweet hole, preparing it for the fucking that Chaz is about to put on it. But first their going to use his sweet little hot mouth to get their cocks nice and ready. He’s ready to get fucked and things are about to get crazy.

Hung Soldiers Wild Gay Sex Big Army Navy Marines Military Cocks Porn ActiveDuty.com bestfreegaypornsite.com-2

Ride ‘Em Cowboy …
Chaz moves over to this peculiar little chair that I bought because it looked like it’d be fun to fuck on and I was right. It provides the perfect position for Shawn to crawl up on Chaz’ cock with his feet on Chaz’ thighs so he can ride the hard cock deep and fast. The angle allows us to see it all as Shawn does an amazing job of riding the hard meat. Brian offers a hand to insure all of Chaz’ cock goes deep inside Shawn’s ass as he sucks Shawn’s cock at the same time. Shawn has got to be in complete fucking ecstasy with these two studs servicing him at both ends. If his “O” face is any indication I’d say he’s loving the ride.

Shawn’s small size (fun-size!) makes him very gymnastic and he’s able to take on many positions that most people can’t pull off. So, “fun-size” is a very good description of this athletic acrobat. He switches around and rides Chaz cowboy style while sharing kisses with both Brian and Chaz as he rides the cock up and down, taking it deep inside his tight ass.

More Rimming For Readiness …
Brian and Chaz position their little playmate with his back over the headboard so Chaz can continue plowing him while Brian fucks his face. Soon, Brian turns around and spreads open his ass cheeks to give Shawn easy access to his hot, hairy hole. Watching Shawn get plowed and eat a hot man hole at the same time is enough to drive one crazy. This little trooper is all about having fun and he’s been paired up with two troopers that can help him achieve his mission.

Brian Gets Anally Explored …
Once he’s eaten Brian’s delicious hole, he wants to put his dick deep inside it and Brian is up for the challenge. They bend Brian over the headboard and give Shawn his turn in the saddle. Now this is a big dick for a tight ass like Brian’s and he certainly lets us know by the crying moans and trademark grunts that we’ve all come to associate with Brian when he’s being plowed hard by a big dick. Shawn works it in slowly, going deeper and deeper as Brian’s tight hole loosens up and gives in to the fuck. Chaz kisses Brian and feeds him his cock while Shawn bangs him from behind.

Cum-Eating, Swapping and Kissing …
Brian’s tight ass must be really fucking good as Shawn can’t help himself and cums while his cock is deep in Brian’s hole, filling the condom with a huge, hot load as he pulls it out and shows it off. Chaz wants to do more than just see it, he wants to taste it. He tells Shawn he wants some of that cum so Shawn takes the condom and squeezes out his load right down into Chaz’ waiting, hungry mouth. Chaz takes most of the cum and then kisses Brian and Shawn in a threeway tongue fight that shares the reward with everyone. Then, Shawn and Chaz lick the rest of the load off Brian’s back and Shawn turns the condom inside out and shares the rest with Chaz. Then they share it with Brian in more hot kisses.

That’s not all, these three troopers go for more cumshots as Shawn goes for his second of the scene and lands a huge load all over Brian’s chest. Chaz follows his lead and Brian is covered in cum once again. At first we didn’t think Brian was going to be able to cum, but when Shawn offers to take his load in his mouth, Brian steps up and delivers a forceful cumshot all into Shawn’s open mouth, shooting several strong gushes into Shawn’s mouth and all over his face. Shawn licks the rest up and dives in for a deep, cum-filled kiss with Brian, swapping his cum with him and then returning to his chest to get the rest.

SCENE 2 ~ Dorian, Abel And Joey Get Quickly Acquainted …
We all witnessed the hot threeway with buddies Abel and Joey when they teamed up with DJ in Gung Ho 2 for some hot fun. However, in that scene Abel and Joey wouldn’t dare think of sucking each other and Abel certainly wasn’t willing to throw his legs in the air and take it like Joey did when DJ pounded his virgin ass. Abel was there and willing, but only to go so far. In this scene with Dorian they decide to take things a little further. The way this unfolds was not really planned, it just kind of unfolded and Katie bar the door. Things are about to take a turn toward Hotsville and Dorian is there with me to drive the caravan straight up these guys alley — literally!

Hung Soldiers Wild Gay Sex Big Army Navy Marines Military Cocks Porn ActiveDuty.com bestfreegaypornsite.com-3

Dorian’s In Charge …
I hand the reigns to Dorian so he can guide these two newbies further across the line. Dorian makes a good man to have in charge. Dorian says he has no mercy and by the time it’s over I think we’ll all be in agreement with that. The clothes start coming off quickly and in no time flat they’re all naked and Dorian and Abel are the first ones hard. Since Joey isn’t hard yet we decide he’ll be the first one to suck a cock and watching Abel watch him suck on Dorian’s cock is hot just in itself. Joey goes down while Abel watches and strokes.

A Friendship Suddenly Gets Deeper …
Joey moves over from Dorian’s cock and goes down on his buddy Abel and this is really something else. As Joey handles his hard cock, Dorian goes in for a kiss with Abel. Dorian eventually moves up and positions his cock in front of Abel’s face and Abel latches on and gives him some of the same attention his buddy Joey is giving his cock. We’ve got a threeway suck-a-thon happening right before our eyes as these three troopers show us how it’s done. Abel takes great care in the attention he’s paying to Dorian’s hard cock and you’ll wanna faint if you’re like me. In the middle of it all, things switch up and Abel goes down on Joey and returns the favor to his buddy. He gives Joey’s cock the same undivided attention he gave to Dorian’s cock and Dorian enjoys Joey’s hot mouth some more as he watches Abel suck his buddies dick. Abel jerks his own hard cock as he sucks his buddy.

Buddies Know How To Share …
Dorian lays down and spreads his huge, muscular legs, giving buddies Joey and Abel access to his huge, hard cock. The two go down on the dick, sharing in the responsibility of pleasing it and kind of get in a little competition to see who is best. I think it’s a toss-up and I’m sure Dorian is thoroughly enjoying being the judge. Abel goes for the balls while Joey deep-throats it and vice-versa. These two clearly have no issues sharing the task at hand as they swap spit on Dorian’s dick. Dorian says he thinks they’ve been practicing in the barracks and Joey and Abel flatly deny the allegation. But I’d say from the looks of things if they haven’t been practicing, they’ve both sure been thinking about it. And judging by their unison in the matter, I’d say those thoughts have been along the same lines as their tongues fight over the hot cock.

Are You Ready To Get Fucked Now? …
Dorian and Joey are locked in a hot kiss when Dorian pops the question to Joey, “So, you ready to get fucked now?” Joey says, “waiting on you big boy” and from there he positions himself on his back with his legs in the air so Dorian can invade his foxhole. Abel steps aside and watches to insertion as he jerks his hard cock to the tune of his buddy getting plowed. Dorian is deep in Joey’s ass by now and Joey has adjusted. Joey decides to put something in his mouth since he’s already got something in his ass and takes Abel’s cock in his throat as he takes Dorian’s hot, hard cock up his sweet ass.

Hung Soldiers Wild Gay Sex Big Army Navy Marines Military Cocks Porn ActiveDuty.com bestfreegaypornsite.com-4

Doing It Doggy …
They flip Joey over and Dorian takes him from behind as he continues sucking Abel. They’re using him to his fullest potential as he gives up both holes for the good of the group. Dorian is enjoying that tight ass and his moans and shit talking are telling the story. Joey seems to enjoy this position of submissiveness as he gives himself over to these two hot men. They switch up a little and Abel lays back on the bed while Dorian pile-drives Joey’s ass from behind, going deeper and deeper.

They Turn The Table On Abel …
I’m not sure how we managed to talk Abel into this, but somehow we did and he’s suddenly on his back with his ass in the air, about to take Dorian’s cock just like his buddy did. This is a true “on the fly” moment as we see it unfold right before our eyes, raw and uncut. At first none of us are sure what’s going to happen or if it’s going to happen at all. Abel struggles pretty hard to accommodate Dorian’s cock, but doesn’t chicken out when the pain becomes intense. He learns quickly how to breath and the look on his face is priceless. It’s almost like he’s on an operating table about to have a leg removed with a chainsaw. It takes him a minute to realize that he can handle the operation. Once the initial pain is over, Dorian starts plowing him harder and faster and Joey starts feeding Abel his hard cock. Abel is jerking his dick, trying to stay in rhythm with the group and doing a mighty fine job of it. This was one hell of a way to break in a newbie, but Abel has accomplished the mission and all that’s left are the cumshots which start to fly.

Hot American Soldiers Having Wild Gay Sex | Army, Navy, Marines |  Gay Military Porn at Dink Flamingos ActiveDuty.com

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Latin Lovers Fuck in the Kitchen

Fuck me, Topher DiMaggio!

Topher DiMaggio is finishing rinsing some dishes when his man Angelo Marconi walks in. Oh yeah, that always happens to me when I do dishes!

These hot Latin lovers can’t keep their hands off each other. Who could if they were coupled with either of these dark-skinned, passionate men? We’re not sure if there’s anyone in the world who loves cock more than Angelo, and he is quickly on his knees swallowing Topher’s sizable stick. The only thing that Angelo might like more than cock is having his ass worked over, and Topher knows how to deliver a mean rim job. Each time Topher comes up for air, Angelo fingers himself preparing for the real treat he wants up there: Topher’s stiff thick dick.

Their kitchen counter gets a workout with Angelo using it to position himself in every way to get the maximum impact of his man’s meat. Topher serves it up and delivers it deep until Angelo blows a thick load onto his abs, which sends Topher over the top spraying cum all over the kitchen counter.



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Horny Marine Jock Shows His Tight HOLE


Marine Conner’s Sensual Solo

Active Duty’s Conner is such a dreamboat, isn’t he?  I wanna fucking bury my tongue in his hot hole!

This tall marine is muscled in all the right places with a cute smile and a big rod. Yeah, that last one gets me every time. This solo of Conner is another in the series of never-before-released sensual solos Active Duty filmed of some of their favorite models. They also include professional photos in and out of uniform and in unique locations. Make sure you watch this special solo all the way to the end, when Conner shoots a surprise – straight into his mouth!


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Big Cocks and Hot Bareback RAW Sex

Hot young twinks , big cocks and bareback fun at SWEET AND RAW

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Firecracker in my Pants!


Is that a firecracker up his ass??

Get ready for the 4th of JULY!


With Rick from


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